How Do I Combat Cannabis-Induced Paranoia?

THC heavy marijuana strains induce cannabis paranoia

Cannabis paranoia is something many associate with the plant; however, it only occurs with THC-heavy strains. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a type of cannabinoid that stimulates the amygdala portion of the brain, or the part responsible for fear, paranoia, and stress. The chemical also creates the familiar “high” or “stoned” feeling and is believed to promote sleep, among other benefits. CBD, or cannabidiol, is the non-psychoactive cannabis compound increasingly used for medicinal strains. It provides relief for health problems, such as pain, nausea, inflammation, and epilepsy and does not create the high or stoned feeling.

Counteracting Cannabis-Induced Paranoia

Studies have found that ingesting CBD strains of marijuana after suffering from THC-induced anxiety or paranoia is helpful. You might want to smoke or ingest a strain featuring a significant amount of this compound. Other studies have discovered that sniffing or chewing peppercorn can alleviate paranoia quickly. Some who use this option feel the effects immediately, while others feel better after an hour.

Low-THC Strains

Avoiding this type of paranoia in the future is quite easy. Look for low THC or high CBD strains, and refrain from smoking or ingesting large amounts. Smoke a little and see how you feel; wait at least an hour before taking more. Keep in mind that smoking and vaping allow you to control how much you are ingesting much better than edibles or highly concentrated oils.

Comfortable Setting

Finding the right setting is also key to sidestepping anxiety and paranoia. Smoke or take cannabis only in environments where you feel relaxed and comfortable, such as at home or at a trusted friend’s residence.

The Right Strain for You

Working with your organic cannabis delivery service is key for finding the best strain for your needs. Keep a record of each strain’s effects to determine which is ideal.

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