Hmbldt Vape Pens: Cannabis Vaporizer Review

Medical cannabis research has made it possible for cannabis brands to create specialized formulas to treat specific conditions. Gone are the days where you had to experiment through a catalog of medical marijuana strains just to find the right one that would alleviate your symptoms. Coupled with sleek and modern branding, the Hmbldt disposable vape pens provide you with unique formulations: Arouse, Passion, Calm, Bliss, Sleep, and Relief, for any of your cannabis needs.


What’s In a Hmbldt Vape Pen?

Packaged in a bright and colorful color, depending on the formulation, each Hmbldt vape pen has a high-end look. Through innovative technology, each Hmbldt pen is made from recyclable material, proprietary electronic components, and a sturdy plastic case. Each formulation is custom filled with a precise dosage (500 mg) of cannabinoids and terpenes. Each pen is equipped with 88% cannabinoids and 12% terpenes to give it a flavorful punch with all of the medicinal benefits.

How Do You Use a Hmbldt Vape Pen?

The Hmbldt dose pen is equipped with precise temperature controls that deliver quick and accurate doses for your ailment. All you have to do is take a pull from the pen for about three seconds. After this time, the pen will vibrate to indicate that you’ve taken the appropriate dose (2.25 mg). It’s recommended to only take a maximum of three doses per hour to determine your ideal dosage. One pen can last you for up to 200 doses.


What Hmbldt Pen is Right For You?

Hmbldt Passion Review

The Hmbldt Passion vape pen is a THC-rich pen that is similar to the Arouse formula in that it heightens your senses, specifically in intimate moments with your partner. With a 12:1 THC-to-CBD ratio, you can enjoy enhanced stimulation inside the bedroom. Dominated by the myrcene and limonene terpene, you will experience feelings of euphoria.

Hmbldt Arouse Review

Arouse was formulated to enhance your excitement and relieve your day’s worries. Users report feeling an elevated mood and decreased stress levels. This sweet and fruit flavor is non-sedative and mood elevating formula with a blend of linalool and farnesene terpenes mean to promote relaxation and excitement.

Hmbldt Calm Review

The Calm formulation is a high-CBD formula that contains a 10:1 CBD-to-THC ratio with a blend of calming terpenes to leave you feeling relaxes and worry-free. Calm enables you to relax your body and improve your focus and concentration when you need it most.

Hmbldt Bliss Review

For those suffering from heavy stress or chronic anxiety, the Bliss formula contains a 9:1 THC-to-CBD ratio to provide blissful, happy, and relaxed feelings.

Hmbldt Sleep Review

People with sleep disorder can benefit from this 8:1 THC-to-CBD formula with sleep-promoting terpenes designed to make you fall asleep quicker and for longer.

Hmbldt Relief Review

The Hmbldt relief vape pen is a CBD-rich formula that contains a 2:1 THC-to-CBD ratio to alleviate mild to moderate pain and inflammation.

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