High Quality vs. Low Quality Cannabis

If you’re new to medical marijuana and want to ensure you choose the highest-quality cannabis available, read on. Understanding the difference between high and low-quality marijuana is easy, once you know what to look for.

 Cannabis Appearance

Organic medical cannabis looks very different from its low-brow counterpart. High-quality marijuana is often a light-colored green, features crystals (or trichomes) and orange hairs, and comes in buds. Low-quality marijuana resembles oregano. It is dry, brittle, broken, excessively leafy, and contains plenty of seeds and stems. High-quality marijuana is seedless. 

Cannabis Fragrance 

Top-quality, vegan marijuana features a strong potent fragrance. The exact scent depends on the marijuana strain, but it is often immediately noticeable when you open the container or bag. With a low-quality marijuana, the strain does not feature a distinct scent; rather it often smells like dirt if at all. Cannabis fragrance is a very important factor when choosing a high-quality strain. 


Another sign of high-quality marijuana is the “sticky” factor. The bud should feel sticky in your hands as you break it up, not overly dry, nor overly wet. A high-quality bud tender will take their time when curating and caring for the bud. If a bud tender rushes this process the flower will become super dry or super damp and loose the “sticky” factor. If it is not sticky and simply crumbles in your hands, you are dealing with low-quality flower.

Vegan & Organic Medical Marijuana

Cannabis Delivery Service

Reputable cannabis delivery services and dispensaries are what you what. Look for wording such as “organic,” “natural,” and “vegan.” A quality delivery service that guarantees pesticide-free, vegan marijuana is best. Such services often offer a range of products instead of a few bags of “weed,” including edibles, cannabis concentrate, pre-rolls, tinctures, and more. They also feature a team of industry experts who have plenty of experience in the trade. 

Access to high-quality weed also depends your state’s marijuana laws. If cannabis is illegal in your state, obtaining high-quality strains can be difficult. States where marijuana is legal or decriminalized are generally your best options for high-quality cannabis concentrate and flower.

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