Growing Trends Since Prop 64

A Rubik's cube may be less complicated than the legal regulations that has been established in California following the passage of proposition 64 that legalized the recreational use of marijuana for individuals who are twenty-one years of age or older. It has established a framework for how marijuana may be sold to the public, but it has also meant that those who wish to sell to the public have to jump through a lot of legal hoops in order to do so. They must be prepared to work within the framework that has been laid out by the state if they want to participate in the trade at all.

One might have easily assumed that new laws legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes for anyone over the age of twenty-one would have meant that the trade would continue to grow. However, some mom and pop operations have actually suffered to continue to grow as the regulations have strangled their business.

The current rules require that a marijuana dispensary obtain a local regulatory license in order to get a temporary state license while the regulations are all still being worked out. This can prove difficult in some areas as at least a few localities in California are still actively opposed to the legalization of marijuana, and thus they have put up barriers to getting those local licenses. In short, they will not issue them at all because they do not agree with having legal weed in their backyard.

That is just one hurdle for the small grower. Another problem are the limitations that are established under California law regarding marijuana. The current law states that only large operations that have twenty-five or more acres of property to grow marijuana may have up to twenty-five plants. The limits for how many plants a small operation may have are much smaller. That matters because it can cause a shortage of product for the smaller operations.

This may not seem like that big of a deal to some marijuana advocates who just want to see the spread of legal weed. However, the reality is that many of the very best growers are being shut out of their own business. These are the people who helped to start create the legal marijuana culture in California in the first place. They are also the people who are most willing to experiment with new ideas regardless of profitability.

If the marijuana industry does in fact go corporate in California, then there is no telling where that might end. It is entirely possible that the only kind of legal weed that someone will be able to purchase in California in the future is the kind that comes from a big box chain.

The state desperately needs to figure out the regulations that it wishes to establish on marijuana as quickly as possible. Further delays on this are only going to cause more smaller farmers to end up without the business that they once relied on. It is happening already, and the complex regulations are not helping in the least.

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