Foodie Lovers: Check Out These Marijuana Edibles

If you don't enjoy smoking cannabis, then consider some of the tasty foods that you can get that are made with the product. Green Door West offers a variety of items ranging from cannabis-infused mints to sparkling tonics that are infused with cannabis. Foods that are made with cannabis usually offer the same types of relief that you can get from using it in other ways.


Several kinds of candy are offered by Green Door West that is infused with cannabis. Small mints come in a container and are convenient when you want something simple and in a hurry. Fruit chews and gummies are made of natural ingredients and come in a variety of flavors. If you like candies that last for a while, then consider the large selection of lollipops that are available. Aside from traditional square shapes of chews and gummies, there are also a few fun designs. These include bears, hearts, and stars. Some of the candies are sugar-free, making it easy to get the benefits from the cannabis without a lot of sugar that can sometimes alter the impact of the cannabis on your body.

Chocolate Treats

Green Door West offers a variety of edibles that combine cannabis with the sweet taste of chocolate. Chocolate bars are available in multiple flavors along with truffles and chocolate chews. You can get a small bit of fruit flavor with the chocolate covered bananas or the chocolates with pineapple and coconut. Goji berries are available as well as chocolate-covered coffee beans. If you want something with a little texture, then consider the HempCrunch bars or the peanut butter bars.


Keep a glass of milk on hand so that you can enjoy the cannabis cookies that Green Door West has available. You can get hybrid cookies as well as raw bites that have a bit more cannabis in them. Shortbread cookies are made with various ingredients, such as lemon. You can also get a chocolate chip cookie bite or a brownie bite. Churro cookies have a spicy flavor and are similar to a traditional churro. Most cookies are individually wrapped, but there are some that come in canisters to make it easier to keep a few on hand when you want a sweet treat.

Other items include beverage drops, lemonade, tea, and syrups. Most of these items are designed to be combined with water. However, there are a few bottles that are ready-mades, such as tonic water and infused teas.

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