Doctor Discussions about Cannabis

One of the great things about cannabis is the fact that it doesn't really have any complications with other medications. We are at a very interesting time right now when it comes to cannabis in discussing cannabis with a regular medical doctor. It is well known that cannabis inflicts little to no harm, while at the same time there are tons of studies that show massive medical benefits associated with the consumption of cannabis. The medical industry is at odds with this information, because they essentially want to monopolize the medical treatment people receive. If you want to get scolded by your doctor, you may want to tell them that you are using medical marijuana.

Some of the largest medical providers in the country are openly against marijuana usage in all forms. Kaiser Permanente has new regulations that prevent a patient from receiving certain medications if they are using marijuana. The doctors that work for this company require regular patients to be drug tested and will not prescribe medication if they find that you are using marijuana. This, in essence, treats patients like they are drug addicts walking the streets. This is the norm for many medical providers, which is truly shocking when you consider the vast amount of medical benefits that are associated with the plant. Cannabidiol is proven to stop seizures, with thousands of young children getting complete relief. Many of these same kids were taking pills prescribed by their doctors, resulting in truly horrific side effects. CBD has zero side effects, is more efficient than prescription medication for epilepsy, and has zero psychoactive properties. Cannabis treats insomnia and allows can give patients with eating disorders their appetites back. All of these patients will be looked at as drug addicts by certain doctors. If you do decide you want to tell your doctor you consume cannabis, they may prevent you from accessing medications you need to be healthy.

Tons of people think it is a good idea to always be honest with their doctor. This is only true when your doctors and health care providers are acting morally. The health industry is all about profitability and cannabis is extremely effective, which is why health care providers are so against marijuana. Cannabis does not typically interact negatively with another type of medication. However, you should use some common sense when you are thinking about combining cannabis with another drug. For instance, you should realize you are going to become more intoxicated if you are consuming marijuana with medication that is considered a narcotic. Based on the fact that cannabis is psychoactive, this may increase the effects. However, you are not going to be putting yourself at any health risk.

It's difficult to imagine a scenario where cannabis could impact a medical procedure. While it makes sense on the surface to be upright and honest with your doctor, there are inherent penalties that may come along with opening up about marijuana consumption. There is a bias in the medical industry and it stems from the fact that cannabis is a completely effective medical alternative. Health care providers despise cannabis because it takes profits out of their hands and is something that anyone can cheaply grow in their backyard. If you think marijuana might interact with your medication, it probably won't. If you tell your doctor, you may be met with repercussions. A far better idea is to simply research online and make an informed decision based on the evidence you find :)

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