Dixie Mints: The Convenience of THC Mints

If you take one trip to your local cannabis dispensary, you’ll notice that there’s a bountiful array of cannabis-infused products. Not only can you choose to buy cannabis flower, but you can also get all the benefits of cannabis through cannabis-infused edibles.

Dixie Elixirs is a Colorado-based cannabis edibles company that focuses on making high-grade cannabis candy, drinks, mints, and more. In terms of Dixie’s candy options, the Dixie Mints are one of the most convenient, discreet, and consistent forms of taking cannabis-infused candy.


Why Are THC Mints Convenient?

Instead of dealing with the smoke and smell that comes when you smoke cannabis, cannabis-infused mints offer the convenience of being able to enjoy your product wherever you are. With 160 mg per pack (each mint is 10 mg), you can choose how much and how often to take them.

Also, cannabis mints are an excellent way for first-time users to feel the effects of THC without worrying about being overwhelmed. There’s a plethora of Dixie mints reviews that mention the convenience for first-time users who don’t have equipment or are scared of trying marijuana for the first time.

These tiny mints are stored in a child-resistant blister pack that look just like any other mint product. Dixie Mints enable you to conveniently pop them in your mouth without anyone noticing. Simply slide one of these mints under your tongue and let it absorb. While you can eat them directly, sublingual application will give you faster effects (15-45 minute activation window compared to a couple of hours if you eat the mint).

After you’re done taking one or more mints, put them back in your pocket just like you would any candy you’re saving for later. Besides being an ultra discreet form of consuming cannabis, you’ll also be left with fresh breath.


Dixie Awakening and Relaxing Mints

One of Dixie’s mint products is the Orange Zest Awakening Mints that provide you with a clear, focused, and energizing experience. The Dixie Awakening mints are formulated with Siberian ginseng, gingko, matcha, and orange oil. This mint can help you feel better even if you don’t have a medical need for it.

Dixie also makes the Peppermint Relaxing Mints for a cool and breezy cannabis experience. The Dixie Relaxing mints are made with peppermint oil, ashwagandha, lemon balm, and passion flower. This mint will give you all the medicinal properties of cannabis without the fuss.

If you’re a chronic cannabis user, Dixie mints might be too low of a dose for you (unless you take more). Even for heavy smokers, these Dixie edibles gives users a manageable high that lets you stay focused throughout the day. These mints are perfect for microdosing (taking a low amount) if you need only a bit of cannabis to take the edge off.

Dixie Elixirs triple lab tests their cannabis-infused products to ensure that you’re getting the best quality cannabis edibles. Are you ready to give Dixie Mint edibles a try? You don’t need any equipment to get started. Contact Green Door West for more guidance on how best to use cannabis mints for your situation.

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  • Evan

    Advice please! Some of my mints got damp - some crumbled and some melted. Obviously I can’t re-press them into mints, but is there a way to liquify and preserve them like tincture - or another suggestion? Thanks

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