Can Pot Go Bad?

Maybe you stumbled upon a stash of weed you had forgotten about. This is a common experience and often has people wondering if pot can expire. Unfortunately, weed can eventually go bad. If weed is not stored correctly, a number of things can happen to it. It can grow mold, it can become dry and brittle, and it can even lose some potency. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can prevent this from happening. Proper storage methods and techniques can make your stash last for years (if you can refrain from smoking it that long).

To properly store pot, you will want to keep it in an airtight container. A glass or ceramic jar will work perfectly, but you can use any container with an airtight lid. You will want to keep this container in an area that has a consistent temperature and is away from sunlight. Changes in temperature can cause the cannabis to decay, and frequent exposure to sunlight can decrease potency. To avoid mold and mildew, you will want to store your cannabis at a temperature below 76 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another aspect to consider is moisture. If the storage container is too moist, your marijuana can grow mold. If the weed gets too dry, it can decay quicker and have an unpleasant burning sensation when smoked. Dry weed burns hotter, causing increased temperatures and ash to be created. This can ruin flavor profiles and decrease potency.

If you have access to a cigar store, you will be able to find the proper tools for achieving and maintaining a good humidity for weed storage. Most experts recommend a consistent humidity of around 60%.

Some people suggest freezing your weed. This is a bad idea, however, as the weed will become very brittle when exposed to cold temperatures and it will be unpleasant to smoke. Additionally, it is best to avoid storing weed in a refrigerator. Fridges have inconsistent temperatures and uneven humidity levels. These aspects combined can destroy your stash.

In order to maintain the highest levels of quality for your stored weed, you will want to keep it in its natural form. Ground weed, or weed that’s already been rolled into joints, will dry out much faster than whole weed nuggets. Dry weed can lose potency, and like mentioned earlier, can cause throat irritation when smoked.

Cannabis that has been fused into edibles will expire much faster than raw cannabis. This is simply because the food used to create the edible has a much shorter shelf life. The same is true for tinctures and some oils.

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