Can Moldy Marijuana Kill You?

When was the last time you checked your marijuana for mold? It is true that we inhale mold spores on a daily basis, given they are found both indoors and outdoors. But how harmful can these spores be? A group of doctors from UC Davis found that five cancer patients suffered from a rare fungal infection brought on by a bad batch of marijuana that contained mold. In collaboration with Steep Hill, a cannabis testing lab, they found that 100% of the marijuana samples they tasted had mold. So, how dangerous exactly is mold when it grows on marijuana?


Can Moldy Marijuana Kill You?

What Causes Mold to Grow on Marijuana?


The primary reason that mold grows on marijuana is due to improper growing and storing conditions. Mold tends to grow in dark and wet environments. Growers that store their marijuana plants in an airtight container that are too moist risk introducing mold to the plant. While marijuana thrives in a 10-15% humidity level, mold thrives closer to 15+%. They key is to maintain appropriate levels of humidity throughout the processing, curing, and storing of the plant. Purchasing your marijuana from an organic marijuana delivery service can give you peace of mind knowing that they take the utmost care of their plants.


What are the Effects of Smoking Moldy Weed?


As mentioned above, we inhale spores every day. In a person with a healthy immune system, inhaling trace amounts of mold does not pose a threat to their health, although it is not recommended. The people that are most at risk are those that use marijuana for its vast medicinal purposes. These people typically have weakened immune system that can be susceptible to fungal infection. Inhaling mold can lead to allergic reactions, lung infections, and sometimes even death.

How To Keep Marijuana Safe

How Should You Avoid Moldy Weed?


You should always inspect your marijuana before consumption. Mold can come in a variety of dark or light colors including grey, white, black, or green. Moldy marijuana also tends to carry a musty smell which many compare to the smell of urine. Additionally, mold can come as a white or grey film that looks like a spider web. You can easily confuse trichomes, the “hair” that grows on the marijuana leaf, but mold isn’t as evenly distributed as trichomes.


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