Breez Cannabis Mints: Buyer's Guide to Cannabis Candy

Marijuana infused candy ranges from gummy worms to cannabis mints for sale. Medical cannabis candies are a sugary treat you can consume inconspicuously just about anywhere. Mints, especially, give you a small dose of powerful cannabinoids like THC or CBD to consume during anytime of day. Medical cannabis Breez Mints are an innovative cannabis brand producing three flavors of mints infused with real peppermint to give you a fresh mouth and a pleasant cannabis experience.


Breez cannabis mints come in three distinct flavors: Original Mints, Cinnamon CBD Mints, and Royal Mints, and all are made with real peppermint. Original Mints contain 50 mints with 25 mg of THC a piece for a total of 250 mg per case. The Cinnamon CBD Mints come with 200 mg of CBD and 200 mg of THC. Each mint contains 25 mg of THC and 25 mg of CBD. The Royal Mints is a more powerful mint containing 1000 mg of THC per case. Each mint contains 100mg of THC. Every flavor will leave you with a fresh breath with a slight cannabis taste.


Portable & Discreet

Marijuana infused candy like medical cannabis Breez Mints come in a pocket-sized metal tin. Their portability make it easy to take with you to any party. With up to 50 mints per can, they are also easy to share making for a great ice breaker. If you use cannabis for medication, mints provide a consistent and reliable dose you can take throughout the day in a private manner. Unlike vaping or smoking, cannabis mints don’t include huge clouds of smoke and don’t smell.


For Beginners and Advanced Users

First-time cannabis users or people with low tolerances for THC should take one mint at a time. While these cannabis mints for sale are small, they can be fast-acting. Let them dissolve under your tongue so the cannabinoids are introduced into your body faster. If you don’t need immediate effects, you can chew and swallow them. Effects can come on quickly (if dissolved under tongue) or in a couple of hours (if eaten) and can last for at most eight hours.

These low dose mints allow for easy consumption. Advanced users can take up to three mints at a time. Experienced users or those who need more potent pain relief can take 6 or more mints to achieve their desired experience. Infused with top-shelf medical cannabis oil, marijuana infused candy are excellent alternatives to smoking. Although not entirely vegan (includes 1 mg of gelatin per mint), it’s a go-to choice for nearly everyone. If you like Breez Mints, you might also enjoy Dixie relaxing mints which include a pleasant peppermint flavor.

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