Beginners Guide to the Different Ways Marijuana Can Be Consumed

If you have recently moved to a state that is lenient towards cannabis use, you might possibly be looking to try it. What if you don't like the idea of smoking it or anything else for that matter? Well, the good news is that there are many ways to be a recreational marijuana user without actually smoking it. Here are just a few ideas:

Using Dabs or Oil Rigs

Using dabs means you are most likely vaping cannabis concentrates. This likely means you're getting more bang for your buck than the traditional bud smoking. Moreover, purchasing an oil rig example can be a good way to partake in this great way to get your concentrates. An oil rig is also known as a dab rig and looks very similar to a typical water bong hit. The main difference is that there is normally one dab nail or dab chamber that can give you a suitable hit just off of vapor use. Of course, one main drawback with oil rigs would be the fact they have a lot of moving parts and that can make them a bit bulky to handle.

Glass Pipes

A lot of cannabis users use glass pipes. Indeed, glass pipes have been around so long that they are almost synonymous with weed culture. There are even auctions where people can collect these and where they are considered works of art.


Edibles are essentially foods infused with cannabis. Instead of requiring heat to activate them, you can just consume them orally.

Vape Pens

If smoking's not your thing, vape pens could be a good substitute. There are cartridges that are good for just one use and there are cartridges that can handle such things as dry herbs, oils and other concentrates from scratch. The great thing about this would be that vape pens are more subtle as a joint but they are just as portable. There is less smell from a vape pen too!

Making it into a drink

Although cannabis has been brewed into tea for hundreds of years now, it now has undergone a rather recent transformation. Now there are sodas infused with CBD and THC for your pleasure, as well as fruit juices and coffees among many other drinks.


What's weed if it can't be shared with a number of your friends? That is the purpose behind a hookah, which was originally devised just to share tobacco. However, many individuals have discovered it is just as good for sharing cannabis.

People are discovering more and more uses for cannabis all the time. Indeed, creativity knows no bounds when it comes to cannabis. People are also starting to use it as a suppository for MS patients, as a desktop vaporizer, or even using it as a topical solution. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to cannabis.

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