Pharmaceutical Grade – Cannabis Delivery

When a product is “Pharmaceutical Grade” it must be 99% pure. Therefore, if you are talking about medical cannabis, the product should be 100% organic, certified vegan, and pesticide free. That is exactly what we offer for our customers and we deliver it right to your front door. We are located in Los Angeles, California and we offer free home delivery to nearly 20 zip codes in the area. As long as you have a medical recommendation, a government issued photo ID ; we are prepared to offer you the best medical marijuana products available.


The Menu

We offer a complete menu of pharmaceutical grade flowers, organic cannabis edibles, and concentrates. You can choose from clean green Aeroponics and Hydroponic-grown cannabis. Our medical marijuana concentrate are solvent-free SFE & MFG extractions. This process is used to extract raw d-9 THC. This product is a clean and safe alternative to smoking. Our marijuana edibles include items like chocolate peanut butter bar, mints, sunny seeds, and happy trails. Of course you can get brownies and cookies too. There is something for everyone.

For The Ladies

For the ladies, we offer Foria Relief to be used to ease menstrual symptoms. This depository produces soothing relief fast. Auntie Blues Tincture is a blend of herb and Goji juice designed to enhance the spirit and boost neurological support. This product will help you to relax and battle conditions associated with mild depression, insomnia, nervousness, and anxiety. We also offer Foria Pleasure for the ladies. This is natural oil used for sensual enhancement. It is potent and pure and designed to be a powerful aphrodisiac.

Women’s Formula is designed specifically with the woman in mind. Woman has special needs and this product offers solutions to those needs. It is ideal for issues surrounding menopause or the menstrual cycle. This tonic is designed for energy. It calms the stress and tension caused by a long day. It helps create healthy vagina lining and regulates mood swings. This product also regulates water retention and weight gain caused by menopausal conditions. There is also Muscle Freeze for sore muscles and Transdermal Topical Compound for sore muscles as well.

All of these products are produced exclusively for women and all utilize some form of pharmaceutical grade cannabis for effectiveness. We offer the highest quality of medical marijuana products grown with care in Northern California. We offer same-day home delivery and our prices are extremely competitive.

Call today or order online to get 100% organic, vegan, and pesticide-free pharmaceutical grade medicinal cannabis.


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