3 Reasons Why You Should Vape CBD

CBD is one of the main active compounds found in cannabis, along with THC. Unlike THC, however, CBD doesn’t cause the sedative effects that contribute to couch lock. For many, CBD has provided them with relief for pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, appetite control, and addictions, with the promise of more therapeutic benefits to come.

Others use CBD simply just to provide relief for the daily stressors of life. Chronic stress, if you didn’t know, has the potential to cause damaging effects on our body. Vaping CBD, especially, provides an easy and practical way to relieve stress after or during a long day. You can all of CBD’s benefits with minimal side effects by vaping and here are three reasons how.

1. Vaping CBD Reduces Damage to Your Body

Smoking cannabis has been the norm for the longest time. New methods of consumption, however, have enabled users to ingest CBD products without introducing tar and hot smoke into their lungs. Smoking can increase your risk for inflammation and bronchitis due to the hot smoke entering your lungs that damages cells inside. Instead of the harsh smoke from a low quality flower, you’d get a smooth and pleasant vapor stream that can enjoy during any time of the day or night. Since CBD vapes do not combust the material, but instead create a steam, they enable users to smoke discretely, conveniently, and with very little odor.


2. Vaping CBD Provides Safe and Effective Relief

Whether you use it for chronic pain or to relieve stress, vaping CBD is an effective option. CBD is proven to reduce anxiety and symptoms related to stress. Since CBD does not get you “high,” it can be used even when you need to stay focused, clear-headed, and alert for your daily tasks. Additionally, vaping CBD is a far more effective method of reaping its benefits than any other consumption method. Vaporization of CBD means it enters your lungs directly, bypassing the liver and gut, which reduce its concentration through absorption and chemical breakdown by enzymes. Vaping enables you to get up to 50 to 60% of the available milligrams you purchase because of its increased bioavailability.

3. Vaping CBD is Accessible to Nearly Everyone


You don’t need a medical marijuana recommendation to purchase CBD vapes. Purchase full-extract CBD vapes from the comfort of your own home and get them delivered straight to your door. Just because you can get them from many distributors doesn’t mean that you should. With little regulatory oversight, you need to trust your source and ensure their products are lab-tested and contain accurate labelings so that you can consume safely and effectively.

Vaping CBD is perfect for people on the go who want a discreet, yet effective form of the powerful cannabinoid. With a quick calming effect coming almost immediately, it can last for a couple of hours. Trusted brands offer pre-dosed cartridges and pens so that both new and longtime users can avoid overconsumption. Green Door West offers CBD vaping products with no impurities, lab-testing certification, and made from hemp plant extract which makes it perfect for anyone looking for CBD.

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