Weight Loss alternatives: Medical Cannabis

With the dangers of obesity made known, weight loss is trending among fitness freaks and the health conscious alike. Weight loss is a difficult process involving a specific diet and exercise regimes. A lot of people want to lose weight due to medical conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. While exercise and diet works for most of us, in some cases, doctors may even recommend prescription weight loss medication.


Using medication to lose weight

Diet pills and supplements may sound like the dream for those struggling with reducing a few pounds. However, buyers must be careful. In the past few years, the FDA has given a “no go” to several brands of prescription weight loss medication. The grounds on which most of the pills were banned included adulteration with stimulants in high dosages and harmful additives, some of them were even unapproved for consumption. The result is a number of unexpected side effects.

The health conscious consumer is now aware that losing weight isn’t about cutting fat but moving towards a healthier lifestyle. And what’s inorganic is hardly ever healthy. Research and studies beg the question whether natural products can aid weight loss.


Organic Alternatives

While organic cannabis is famous for causing the munchies, it is quite the paradox to find that it can help reduce weight. Recent studies state that when the US permitted the use of medical marijuana it helped decrease 2 to 6% of obesity. Cannabis has a healthy effect on the metabolic process. When consumed in prescribed quantities, medical cannabis can be the key to reaching your weight goals.

Weight loss pills are created through chemical processes and contain synthetic additives. Meanwhile organically cultivated marijuana products are a 100% natural. This reduces any chances of side effects attached to chemical based drugs. Additionally, those on vegetarian and vegan diets can feel free to add medical marijuana into their diet since it is plant based.


Introducing Cannabis to your diet

Incorporating cannabis into your fitness routine is all about maintaining a balance between your daily diet and exercise routine. Cannabis enhances the body’s ability to absorb glucose. To get the right amount of energy from the food you eat, swap out all the (processed) sweet and salty snacks from your kitchen shelf for fresh fruit and vegetable (surprised we may be promoting a Vegan diet J). This will prevent you from gaining weight as you will reach out for healthy natural choices when you get the munchies.

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